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The Issue. 


Global textile waste is expected to increase by 60% annually until 2030, when it’s estimated to hit 148 million tons per year.

The global fashion industry contributes significantly to Earth’s changing climate. To meet the demands of excessive fashion consumption, significant amounts of chemicals, water and energy are used. To put this into context; the carbon footprint of a plain t-shirt is 50 times more than its own weight. 


Throughout the entire supply chain, natural resources are extracted, habitats are exploited, toxic emissions are produced, water is polluted and waste is carelessly dumped. 85% of textile waste goes to landfills which occupies 5% of total landfill space. However, 95% of textile waste that goes to land fill COULD BE RECYCLED. 

It is not only the production of clothes which is impacting our Earth. The fast fashion industry fuels our desire to buy new clothes, and to believe last seasons items have little value. Selling prices and mark down discounts alone encourage the belief that clothing is disposable, with little thought about where it goes once it has been disposed of.  We often feel guilt free when taking our clothes to charity shops or clothes banks, however in reality, very little of it actually gets recycled. Instead, it ends up being transported to developing countries, incinerated or landfilled. Textiles can take up to hundreds of years to decompose in landfills, and during this decomposition process, textiles generate greenhouse methane gas and expel toxic chemicals and dyes into our waters and soil.


We must all take action.

You are empowered by your choices and remember most importantly, that small changes collectively make a big difference.




Consume Responsibly.


Recycle with Ocean Laundry to know exactly where your clothes will go.

You bin it, we’ll spin it.


At Ocean Laundry we are committed to collecting your waste so it doesn’t end up in landfill. Our garment collection bins will shortly be .dotted all over London - do check back to see our launch date & map! We’ll take textiles in any condition, from any brand. One mans trash is another mans treasure after all.  

Once we’ve received your preloved clothes, they’ll go to our sorting facility in Kettering, where our partner The Salvation Army sorts them by colour and composition. Once they’re systematically organised, they’ll be shredded up into fiber, then spun into our Ocean LaundryTM yarn in Turkey, by our parters DEN-Z.. We then weave or knit this yarn into a new fabric, ready to be made into 100% recycled garments, for you to wear again and again and again.

For every 1kg of textiles you recycle with us, you’ll receive 20% off your next purchase. 

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