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Recycled yarn creation
In partnership with DEN-Z 

After leaving the sorting facility, the fabrics are ready to be recycled into new yarn that can be used to make the new recycled fabrics. 

We have partnered with Den Z spinners  in Turkey to take the lead in turning these shredded fabrics into brand new yarn.


We know that there is a Lack of awareness regarding optimum recycling solutions & Den-Z have helped us to unravel this mystery.

Den- Z recycling and consulting company, designs and implements industrial scale recycling and circularity-focused projects for global brands and manufacturers.

Our partnership with Den-Z has enabled us to turn waste into new fibres, which we then use as a new resource for yarns & therefore fabrics. No matter how complex the waste composition, Den-Z have helped us to deconstruct the issue and find a solution based strategy.



Ocean Laundry ™ yarn 

Our trademarked recycled yarn, made directly from discarded clothes marks the first sign of us closing the loop in fashion. 

It doesn't stop there though; the process continues into fabric production and then onto creating fully recycled & recyclable clothing. 

At Ocean Laundry we are proud to say we are one of the few businesses spearheading this new process and bringing the concept to life.   

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